English Language Support

With a very large international student community at Curtin University, there are many students who find that they can struggle with the English language and really appreciate help in practicing and improving their English language skills.  People within the ACTS Church have been trained to help international students with their English.  You can find help in the following two ways:

English Story Club

Do you wish that you had the opportunity to go back to being a young child and learning all of the English stories and background that would give you a firm foundation in your English language?

The English Story Club is the opportunity for you to learn English in a fun and interactive way. By using classical English stories, such as stories like Robin Hood, King Arthur, Waltzing Matilda as well as familiar stories from the Bible, you can build your English language abilities in a warm and encouraging environment.

For more information about the English Story Club, contact Dalibor Acimic on 0401 308 403 or by email d_acimic@hotmail.com.

Essay Proof-reading Service

One of the most challenging aspects of studying in a foreign country is writing essays in the local language.  Even if you understand all of the concepts, it can be really challenging trying to create whole sentences, paragraphs and sections in English, if English isn't your native language.

A number of our international students have approached us to help them proof-read the English in their essays.  We can help you improve your sentences and the grammatical flow of your essay.

So that you know we are serious about providing you with good quality feedback, we charge a small fee for the proof-reading service.  This represents the time that we have committed to helping you.

For more information about our essay proof-reading service, contact Dalibor Acimic on 0401 308 403 or by email d_acimic@hotmail.com.