Food Support

We have discovered that some students, when they study at Curtin, can struggle financially paying enrollment fees and rent and buying textbooks, and the one of the first things that students eliminate from their budget is food.  Sometimes students can go for days without food simply because they do not have the money to buy good quality food.  Since discovering this, we have actively provided food for students who need it.

Free Bread Distribution

Quite providentially, God provided us with the opportunity to distribute free bread at Curtin University.  We work together with the Multi-Faith Services in giving out good quality bread every Thursday morning.  You'll know that it is "bread day" when you see a lot of students walking around campus with a loaf of bread under their arm!  The details of where to find us are:

Weekday: Thursday
Time: 9am-11am (approximately)
Location: Outside the Curtin Student Guild Building 106F

Emergency Food Support

You may find yourself in a situation, like a number of other students at Curtin have, where you don't have any food and haven't eaten for days.  This can affect your studies and your ability to cope in life.  The ACTS Church can assist you in this situation by providing you with emergency food support which can bridge you over the critical period.  Please contact Sven Östring on 0422 544 183. Also, we are experienced in helping students to get back on top of their finances by working through their personal budget.  In this way, you can gain control of your situation.