Leadership Team

The ACTS Church is led by a team of very passionate and dedicated young leaders.  Everyone in the team contributes to the direction and operation of the church, which gives the church a strong sense of unity.  The leaders of our church include:

Bruce McCourt: Chaplain / Head Elder

Bruce has real love for sharing the gospel, and he is very committed to studying the Bible with people and linking people into small groups.  He fits into the role of assistant pastor extremely well.
Curtin Email: B.McCourt@curtin.edu.au
Mobile: 0423 879 027

Rodgers Chisopa: Elder

Rodgers Chisopa is the President of the ACTS Club and a strong, principled leader in the ACTS Church.
Email: rchisopa@yahoo.com
Mobile: 0450 730 425

Jonathan Nzolantima: Fellowship Coordinator

Jonathan has been recently baptised into the ACTS Church and has a real love for Jesus and people.  You will enjoy his warm and friendly style!
Email: d.jnzol@gmail.com
Mobile: 0415 758 599

Eh Paw Thaung: Worship Music Coordinator

Eh Paw accepted Jesus, even though being persecuted for her faith in Burma.  She is on fire for sharing her faith in Jesus and His soon return.
Email: ehkanyawpaw@gmail.com
Mobile: 0423 201 485

Sven Ostring: University Adviser

Sven has many years of experience at universities, including the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, the University of Newcastle in New South Wales and now here at Curtin University in Perth.  He is the Seventh-day Adventist university chaplaincy coordinator for the WA Conference and is also the Multi-Faith Officer at Curtin University.  Hence, he is well-versed in university life and able to act as the university adviser for the ACTS Church.
Adventist Email: SvenOstring@adventist.org.au
Curtin Email: S.Ostring@curtin.edu.au
0422 544 183

Feel free to contact any one of our leaders if you would like to learn more about Jesus and the ACTS Church, or need some personal help.