Pastoral Team

The ACTS Church has a pastoral team that is also a married couple.  They really love university students and their greatest desire is for you to get to know Jesus for yourself.  Feel free to contact them about any issue that is on your heart.

Marilyn Ostring

Marilyn is originally from Brisbane, and her family is from Serbia and Bosnia.  She works as an accountant for the Australian Taxation Office, but her real love is ministry for young people.  She is crazy about taking photos, and you'll often see her with her little Sony camera.  Once she is done taking photos, she enjoys being creative with graphic design.  Photoshop and a Mac computer are on her wish list...
Mobile: 0412 706 496

Sven Ostring

Sven was born in Hong Kong, so you might detect a love of Chinese food when you spend time with him.  He studied electrical engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, and then went on to do postgraduate research in telecommunications.  However, when he was in England, he felt God calling him to head into university ministry, which is what he has been doing ever since.  He loves sharing the Bible with people, and is known for always wanting to finish a small group Bible study with conversational prayer.  His greatest joy is seeing young people growing in their relationship with Jesus.
Mobile: 0422 544 183